3 Payment Options for a Small Business Owner

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A Faceless Woman Counting One-Dollar Bills with a Coffee Mug Beside Her
Running a small business is never easy, not least because of the payment process. You have to be self-sufficient and still provide the customers with a payment gateway that can accommodate different.... Read More

An Introduction to QR Code Payments

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A Faceless Person Scanning a QR Code on a Wall-Mounted Electronic Device with their Mobile Phone
QR code payments are short for Quick Response code payments because they allow users to access information almost right away. Like all things electronic, their usage grew by an impressive 11% in the pandemic’s wake. Although QR codes.... Read More

ScanPay Facilitates the Transition to Contactless Payments in the US

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The USA – March 22, 2022: Contactless payment systems observed a noticeable spike in sales during the lockdown. The mass-scale adoption of this technology was prompted by the growing consumer concerns about contracting the virus via secondhand transmission.

ScanPay was one of the many mobile POS systems that stepped up to the plate and provided an affordable transition to cashless and contactless payments to small.... Read More

ScanPay Provides a Mobile POS System to American Home Service Providers

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The USA – March 22, 2022: According to a 2020 report by Reuters, the domestic work sector in the United States experienced the biggest casualties of the pandemic. The shelter-in-place orders put millions of landscapers, gardeners, nannies, caretakers, and domestic helpers out of a job, with some receiving no house calls for months on end.

The crisis left several workers homeless and starving and threw the failure of state policies to provide unemployment benefits to the working class.... Read More

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