ScanPay Streamlines 100% Secure Contactless Payments to SMEs in the US Via Stripe

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Connecticut, US – January 25, 2022: ScanPay is helping many small to medium business owners achieve their operational goals with an innovative mobile invoicing app. Their contactless method of payment has made financial transactions safer for both consumers as well as retailers. The use of their efficient app reduces many discrepancies in business dealings and streamlines overall organizational operations simultaneously.... Read More

ScanPay Helps US-Based Home Technicians Accept Digital Payments Without A Card Reader

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Connecticut, US – January 18, 2022: ScanPay offers a mobile payment app for contractors and other service professionals that makes financial transactions easier for all parties involved. Often referred to as the “best payment app for business”, it has become popular among many sectors and industries. The app is easy to use and can be operated on mobile phones and other handheld digital devices. Service workers have saved many operational expenses by using this innovative mobile POS app.... Read More

A Retailer’s Guide to Contactless Payment: Everything You Need to Know

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Are you a retailer sick and tired of your enterprise’s billing problems? As a retailer, billing is something you can’t avoid. It’s one of the busiest sides of the business. You have to be careful to charge the customer correctly. A retailer needs to ensure the customer understands the billing policy.... Read More

How to Use Your Smart Phone as A Digital Card Reader

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In February 2021, 85% of Americans were reported to own a smartphone. The statistics were a stark contrast to the 35% of Americans who owned a smartphone back in 2011. The new trend is indicative of the fact that most Americans are well-acquainted with the latest technology. Global statistics are no different. There are more than 6 billion smartphone users worldwide.u With trends in online banking and online shopping, the figures are bound to demonstrate a significant increase by 2026.....Read More

How to Set Up a Completely Automated Payment System

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An automated payment system is a digital payment solution that facilitates enterprises with cash exchange through credit/debit cards and mobile applications. The process ensures cheaper transactions are easily made through card readers and online scanners....

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