ScanPay is a leading company in the contactless payment arena, providing businesses with a platform to easily incorporate mobile payments into their business operations

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November 30, 2021: ScanPay helps thousands of businesses in the US accept contactless payments (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay) through the ScanPay mobile payment app. ScanPay enables fast, secure, and reliable transactions anywhere, anytime on a smartphone. The company was founded....Read More

Halloween 2021: Trick or Treat with 5 Spooky Payment Practices

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A Person Holding Their Phone Over a Card Reader to Make a Contactless Payment
According to a 2020 report by the Insurance Information Institute, consumers collectively lost $3.3 billion to identity fraud. The scares of Halloween may not be real, but if this statistic is anything to go by, the scare of choosing and using the wrong payment.... Read More

4 Major Uses for QR Code Payments

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A Leather Wallet Placed Beside a Digital Wallet or Mobile Phone on a Round Table
QR code payments have a long way to go in the US. Their rise began with COVID-19, when global interest started shifting towards bringing contactless payment apps to customers. Since then, this payment solution has emerged as a much-needed lifeline in... Read More

4 Fall Marketing Ideas for a Rising Establishment

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A Computer-Generated Image of a Dollar Bill Making its Way from One Phone to Another
‘Tis the season of falling leaves, pumpkins, and all-things-orange. It’s also the time of year when people would prefer staying indoors over leisurely strolls in the outdoors. If you’ve just opened a small business, you may not attract .... Read More

4 Ways to Tackle Unpredictable Cash Flow

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A Faceless Woman Counting One-Dollar Bills with a Coffee Mug Beside Her
US Bank study found 82% of the time that businesses failed had to do with the fact that they didn’t understand their cash flow. The lockdown only made things more unpredictable for small businesses and created an 'all bets are off' situation for those who.... Read More

Finance Terms for a Fledgling Business in 2021

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A Leather Wallet Placed Beside a Digital Wallet or Mobile Phone on a Round Table
Bookkeeping is essential to the running of a small business. It’s only by keeping a record of your business that you’ll have a fair idea of how well you’re doing and take preventive measures when the situation calls for it. Whether or not you’ve got an.... Read More

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