Earn more through tips or service fees

Get a tip without asking for it
Offer customers the choice to add their preferred tip amount
Add surcharge for your premium services

Create invoices in three clicks

Create professional invoices in seconds
No additional hardware required
Track payment status of invoices in real-time

Easily add and manage your customers

Add a new customer in 30 seconds
Keep track of all customers in a single place
Single-click invoicing for repeat customers

Offer payment options of choice to your customer

Get paid through Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal,
Bank Transfer, Credit and debit cards
Get notified after a successful transaction

And then, there are some more features.

Save a lot more,
without worry

Simple, transparent pricing,
without any hidden fees, ever.

Get paid super-fast,
every time

Receive money directly into
your bank account in 48 hours.

No visits to the bank, or
paperwork for sign-up

Sign-up online and we will set up
your account in minutes.

Ready to get started with ScanPay?

Start accepting digital payments
without a card reader.

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